Installing Apache Tomcat on RHEL/CentOS

Apache Tomcat is an Open-Source web server meant to run Java code. Just like Apache serves websites written, e.g, PHP, Tomcat serves websites written in Java. Installing Tomcat on Linux is a whole new experience, compared to if you have done it on Windows 😉 Lets begin this tutorial 🙂

Install Java. Apache Tomcat requires Java to be installed first. So, first install it from its official website.

Download Tomcat. Download Apache Tomcat from its official website. I have installed version 8.0.23. You may choose any compatible version. P.S. This tarball contains all the binaries & software to run Tomcat.

Unpack the Tomcat tarball. Once the tarball has been downloaded, just unpack it to any location where you want it to be installed using command : –

tar -xf apache-tomcat-8.0.23.tar.gz 

Start Tomcat. Move to the Tomcat directory & run below script.


To stop Tomcat, just issue –


So, that’s it! Apache Tomcat has been installed & running fine. If you thought you will need to click, then you’re wrong 😉 You just need to place the archive(tarball) in the right location & it is installed!! Installation on Linux is far different 😉

Hope you found this post useful 🙂 Do let me know how was it.


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