Configuring Zabbix Client on Linux (RHEL/CentOS)

In my last post, I demonstrated how to install & set-up Zabbix server on Linux. In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to configure our Linux client nodes that we want to be monitored by Zabbix. So, lets start 🙂

Install SNMP.

As I had mentioned in the last post, Zabbix depends on SNMP(Server Network Monitoring Protocol. So, we need to install net-snmpd package on all the client nodes. Also, configure it to run at system boot-up.

[root@server zabbix]# yum install net-snmpd* -y
[root@server zabbix]# service snmpd start
[root@server zabbix]# chkconfig snmpd on

Install Zabbix Agent.

Now we need to install Zabbix & its agent packages. These are available from Zabbix official website as RPM files. Just make sure to install the same version as Zabbix server. In this tutorial, I have used version 2.4.5.

Configure Zabbix.

Log-on to your Zabbix server & open the browser. Now open localhost/zabbix. Now click Configuration tab & then click Hosts. By default, your Zabbix server will be listed here. If you want to edit/enable your server, click its link. Leave the options as default, just check the Enabled check-box. Next tab is Templates. Here we can define what we want to monitor. Add the templates from the list. Not all templates are applicable to your server. Choose Template App Zabbix Server, Template App Zabbix Agent & Template OS Linux to get started. Of course, you may choose any template that you want. Feel free to experiment 😉 Once you are done, click Update to save the changes.

Zabbix Configuration

Zabbix Configuration1

Zabbix Configuration2

Zabbix Configuration9

Zabbix Configuration8

Zabbix Configuration7

To configure clients, go back to the home-page. Click Configuration tab & then click Hosts link. Then click Create host link to add your node to be monitored. Just make sure to enter the IP address of the node. Rest of the configuration is just the same. Do it for all the nodes you wish to monitor.

As with any other monitoring software, Zabbix needs some time before it starts displaying meaningful graphs. With insufficient data, it will show only blank graphs with “no data”. Wait for 15-20 minutes & then we can see our beautiful graphs like below 😀

These are my graphs 😉

Zabbix Configuration3

Zabbix Configuration4

Zabbix Configuration5

Zabbix Configuration6


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