Bootstrapping Chef Node To Manage Under Chef Server

So, the last post discussed about setting up Chef clients. Now its time to finish the overall setup by bootstrapping the Chef nodes from Chef Workstation.

Bootstrapping means we are syncing the Chef clients with the Chef workstation so that we can create & execute cookbooks from the workstation. Remember that is the IP of Chef client/node. Replace the IP for all the nodes you want to manage & repeat this step. --node-name is the name you want to give to your node. Its NOT necessarily the actual hostname. I used sudo because it didn’t connect without it. Replace shashank with your username.

root@chef-workstation:/home/shashank/chef-repo# knife bootstrap -x shashank --sudo --node-name node1
Doing old-style registration with the validation key at /home/shashank/chef-repo/.chef/chef-validator.pem...
Delete your validation key in order to use your user credentials instead

Connecting to
shashank@'s password: knife sudo password:
Enter your password: -----> Existing Chef installation detected Starting the first Chef Client run... Starting Chef Client, version 12.6.0 Creating a new client identity for node1 using the validator key. resolving cookbooks for run list: [] Synchronizing Cookbooks: Compiling Cookbooks... [2016-05-21T09:28:51+05:30] WARN: Node node1 has an empty run list. Converging 0 resources Running handlers: Running handlers complete Chef Client finished, 0/0 resources updated in 01 seconds

You can see the list of all managed/bootstrapped nodes by issuing below command.

root@chef-workstation:/home/shashank/chef-repo# knife node list

Below is the screenshot from my setup 🙂

Chef Nodes Bootstrapped

In future posts, I will explain how we can manage Chef nodes & how to create cookbooks. Till then, bye 🙂


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