Install Ansible on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04)

Ansible is a really (radically, as they say) simple server orchestration/configuration manager/provisioning solution just like Chef, Puppet or Salt. While Chef, Puppet or Salt are extremely powerful & efficient, they are quite difficult to learn or manage and that’s what makes SysAdmins afraid of them 😀

Ansible, on the other hand, is pretty simple to use. Its commands are executed via CLI or terminal & it uses SSH connection (Ansible is agent-less) as compared to Chef, Puppet or Salt that are agent-based. In this tutorial, we will see how to install Ansible on an Ubuntu 14.04 server 🙂

Issue below commands to add Ansible repository & install it.

root@shashank-server:/home/shashank#  apt-add-repository -y ppa:ansible/ansible
root@shashank-server:/home/shashank#  apt-get update
root@shashank-server:/home/shashank#  apt-get install -y ansible

This will install Ansible on your machine. Now, in my next post(s) I will demonstrate how we can define the hosts for it. Stay tuned till then 😉


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